The Original One

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Hair Smoothing Treatment at Collections Hair Club Salon in Weybridge, Surrey

Collections Hair Club is proud to be an expert hair smoothing salon in Weybridge offering various Smoothing treatments to match your hair type and condition.

The Original One was the first smoothing treatment we introduced to our award-winning salon and it remains a firm favourite. Much like -  also as a 'Brazilian Blow Dry' - the treatment is designed to penetrate all hair types that can rejuvenate your hair, it brings your hair back to its healthy original state, by actively conditioning and revitalising the hair.

Like a Brazilian Blow Dry, the hair smoothing results eliminate frizz, locks in colour and reduces blow drying time for up to 12 weeks.

To book your hair smoothing appointment at our hair salon in Weybridge, contact our friendly team on 01932 842473, book online or e-mail us at

Is 'The Original One' suitable for all hair types?

YES - our treatments have been created to give every client the same perfect result no matter what your hair texture and type is. Our gel has been formulated with keratin, proteins and amino acids. It's designed to repair all hair types and add strength, thus repairing damaged hair.

Will I lose my curl if I have this treatment?

The smoothing treatment is designed to work with your hairs natural texture so the result depends on your hair type. If you have unruly, frizzy hair, you will see a massive reduction in frizz and curls. If your hair is naturally straight, it will appear shinier and smoother. All hair types will gain strength and be more manageable.

How long does the treatment take to be applied in the salon?

It depends on the length and texture of your hair. It should take approximately 90-180 minutes.

Should I colour my hair before or after the Keratin Smoothing Hair treatment?

It's better to apply the colour before having the treatment so that the colour is locked in. Having the treatment after will enhance the vibrancy of the colour. If you can't colour before hand, wait at least 7 days after treatment to colour.

Can I use any aftercare shampoo and conditioner?

We have a range of aftercare shampoo and conditioner available in salon to help prolong the service and encourage strength and shine post treatment.

When can I wash my hair after the treatment?

We would encourage you to not wash your hair for the first 72 hours after the treatment. However if you have curly hair and want to keep more of the curl then wash out after 24 hours. The longevity may be affected.

How should hair be dealt with immediately following treatment?

For the 72 hours post treatment aim to follow these guidelines:

  • Do not get hair wet (shower, pool or sea). If hair gets wet within the first four days post treatment, Re-straighten with a Titanium Flat Iron.
  • Do not use any hair care products including hair spray, gel and mousse.
  • Do not tie hair up.

Is it ok to go in the sun after my treatment?

Of course! We want you to enjoy your life with perfect hair. We would always recommend using a UV protecting product to act as a thermo shield from the sun.

How long will the results last for?

The longevity depends on your lifestyle. It usually lasts for up to 12 weeks. We encourage using a mask fortnightly to promote and prolong your perfect hair.

How much does Keratin Hair Smoothing cost?

The pricing of the this treatment is split into three categories;

1. Short to chin length hair £200 (if extra thick plus £50)

2. Medium to shoulder length hair £225 (if extra thick plus £50)

3. Long hair (post armpit length) to waist length hair £250 (if extra thick or extra long below waist plus £50)

Book in for a complimentary consultation so we can assess your hair, discuss the treatment and give you a firm price.