Trust The Process: Going From Brunette To Blonde

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We all love a transformation and wanted to share with you our gorgeous client Shelley’s hair journey this year.

hair colour salon Weybridge Each visit, Ella has created beautiful multidimensional balayage tones, whilst taking the hair lighter.

#Olaplex has been used at every stage to protect and strengthen the hair during the lifting process and keep these locks healthy and shiny!

There are some things you must accept when choosing to undergo a hair colour transformation at our award-winning hair salon in Weybridge

  • Believe your stylist when they tell you that you may require multiple sessions to reach your desired goal. The integrity of your hair will always be our number one priority.
  • You can NOT reject the fact that your hair will be orange when lifted- sadly these are not opinions, they are facts.
  • You can NOT reject the fact that your hair will disintegrate when pushed to the limits- again this is science.
  • It doesn’t end in the salon. Be prepared to follow a home care regime as set by your stylist in between appointments.
  • Please BE KIND, we are not magicians!

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Now you understand the importance of realistic expectations, and we haven’t put you off, we can’t wait to go on this journey with you. Call us today on 01932 842473 for a free consultation with one of our colour experts!