The Best Hair Colour Trends for Autumn 2022

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Natural Autumn Hair Trends To Fall In Love With at Collections Hair Club Salon in Weybridge

As the weather turns colder, the trendiest hair hues are only getting warmer. Our team marvellous colourists at Collections Hair Club in Surrey are standing by to help you achieve the cosy Autumn hair colour of your dreams! From soft, creamy blondes, to vibrant reds and warm copper tones, we’ve collected the best natural autumn hair colours to inspire your next ‘do. 

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'Golden Hour' Bronde

Influenced by the stunning time of day when the sun begins to set and bathes everything in golden light, Golden Hour Bronde brings together honeyed blonde hues and rich toffee tones to create a hairstyle that will have you glowing just as beautifully as Golden Hour. Our team of expert colourists at Collections can help you find the perfect combination of hair colours for your most complimentary Autumn hair style.

Cinnamon Brunette & Bright Copper Hues

Turn up the heat by adding up this Autumn’s number one hair colour to your hairstyle. This season red is adding brilliance and shine to cooler hair colours, making it the best Autumn hair colour to bring natural warmth and depth to your hair colour. Celebrity stylists predict that deep cherry-red tones will rise in popularity as they can instantly intensify any hair colour. Transform cold browns to spicy cinnamon brunette by adding auburn layers for a naturally enhanced, stand-out hair style. Beautiful Copper tones translate the soft orange tones we saw through Spring, and add dimension to create the perfect jewel toned look.

Tweed Blonde

For a subtly creative look, the mellow Tweed Blonde making waves might just be your ideal haircut. This unique colour style weaves lustrous brunette and blonde pieces to create complex and delicate patterns, resembling that of detailed tweed fabric. This step towards richer, medium blondes has the added benefit of retaining the lightness of a summer style, whilst creating healthier, more low-maintenance hair colours. Talk to your stylist to formulate the ideal blonde for you.

Rich, Chocolatey Brunette

Classic colours are gracing the heads of the ultra stylish this season as glossy chocolate and mocha tones return with new-found vibrancy. These divine hair colours have a trendy focus on warm and radiant hues, resulting in a luxurious and show stopping, but natural hair colour. Highly pigmented and striking on a wide variety of skin tones, this traditional hair colour is the perfect Autumn look as the frosty weather creeps in.


An emerging technique, Root Smudging uses inventive methods to transform your hair colour with only a tiny tweak. Root smudging seeks to brighten the hair whilst incorporating the regrowth of natural roots into the style. A deeper base is blended with gentle highlights from the mid-lengths to the ends, crafting a hair colour and style tailored for you.

Keep Your Colour At It’s Best With Our OLAPLEX™ Hair Treatments

A specialist hair treatment designed to protect and revitalise your hair during hair colouring services, OLAPLEX™ is formulated using the best ingredients to keep your hair and its colour healthy and vibrant. Repairing over-processed, dry and brittle strands, this treatment can be incorporated into the colouring process or used as a stand-alone treatment. Ask your Collections Hair Club stylist about OLAPLEX™ at your next visit, or find out more about the treatments we offer here.

Book In For the Best Hair Colour Appointment at Collections Hair Club in Surrey

If you’ve been inspired by these incredible colours and want a fresh Autumn hair colour, we can help you find a gorgeous hairstyle and colour for the change in season! Just book in today for an appointment by calling us on 01932 842473 OR send us a WhatsApp. You can always book online using the pop-up button.