NEW Product Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste

NEW Product Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste

Get Longer Locks with the NEW Kerastase Extensioniste Products – Available NOW at our Weybridge Salon

Are you longing for longer locks? Do you have healthy hair and get regular haircuts – but still end up with split ends and breakage? Would you be commited to starting a 90 day ‘program’ where your hair will see *99% less breakage and leave you with 78% less split ends?

Then Kerastase’s NEW Extentioniste range is for you! Created to enhance and reinforce the length of damaged hair, this range works deep with the hair fibre to protect and repair. *Guaranteeing less breakage and split ends in no time, follow our steps below to strong, long hair!

NEW Product Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste

Step 1: In-Salon

This hair care routine begins in-salon. In order to achieve these amazing results, a high concentrate restoring treatment must first be applied to your lengths and ends by your Collections Hair Club stylist. Involving a mixture of two intensely packed Extentioniste boosters filled with strengthening and fortifying properties. Let us work our magic with this wonderful treatment before applying the finishing touch, by using the strengthening scalp and hair serum which targets the hair from the root – heightening protection from all areas.

Step 2: Home-Care

Continue to develop the results of this treatment yourself at home by sticking to your hair care routine. Think of it like a work out program for your hair – the longer you treat and condition it, the stronger, longer and unbreakable it will become!