Introducing Our New Organic Smoothing Treatment

Experience The Organic Hair Smoothing Treatment at Collections Hair Club Salon in Weybridge, Surrey

The new Collections Hair Club Smoothing treatment is enriched with organic compounds that are infused into the cortex of hair, providing the ability to reshape and restructure the fibres resulting in straight, manageable, healthy and strong hair.

Better yet, this revolutionary treatment is resistant to sweat, moisture and humid conditions and contains no chemicals or preservatives. You can continue to enjoy beautiful, easier to style hair every day even after swimming in the sea or the pool.

To book your Organic Hair Smoothing Treatment, simply give us a call on 01932 842473 or use our quick and easy online booking service!

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Is This Treatment The Same As a Keratin Hair Treatment or Brazilian Blow Dry?

While Keratin Hair Treatments and Brazilian Blow dry’s de-frizz and smooth hair, our organic smoothing treatment is NOT a Keratin treatment or Brazilian Blow Dry (which we are all used to hearing about).

This treatment is based natural ingredients and therefore contains 0% Formaldehyde, 0% Aldehyde and 0% release of chemical gasses, unlike many keratin treatments and other smoothing treatments within hairdressing. The Collections Organic Smoothing treatment is the safest and healthiest way that you can reduce frizzy and unmanageable locks as all treatment methods use all natural premium ingredients to provide long-term protection for your hair.

How Does The Collections Organic Smoothing Treatment Work?

The nano technology incorporates amino acids that work to add bonds that have either been lost or where hair is porous, the amino acid and nano formula packs itself into follicle layer of the hair, attaching itself and creating a skeletal structure to the cuticle, thus forming a solid inner layer to seal the natural nourishing nutrients inside the hair fibre.

A by-product advantage of this reinforced structure is that the hair acts straighter, will be smoother and stronger. Hydration is greatly improved as water (which over time can lock and expand through heat) can no longer penetrate the hair layers to speed up any oxidation, brought by the environment, UV, dirt or heat tools. The nano technology forms a robust repellent to external aggressors.

This in-salon professional hair smoothing treatment will give you healthy, strong, shiny hair that is both glossy and super soft. No matter if your hair is thin, damaged, curly, thick or afro-textured.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

The service will take at least 3 hours depending on hair length and thickness (which will not necessarily affect the process time but will affect the time taken to apply the signature smooth nano treatment to the hair).

The best bit once you have finished your treatment in salon is that you can wash your hair immediately without any risk of the product coming out of your hair unlike traditional keratin or Brazilian blow dry treatments where you have to wait at least 3 days before you can wash and blow dry your hair.

When Should I Colour My Hair?

You can colour your hair almost immediately after an organic smoothing treatment, however if you will be having any bleach or highlighting services, we would recommend waiting 10 days before having colour. It is possible this treatment may lift your colour about 1-2 shades so we’d recommend having it just before your next colour is due.

How Much Does it Cost?

The pricing of the this treatment is split into three categories;

1.    Short to chin length hair £250 (if extra thick plus £50)

2.    Medium to shoulder length hair £350 (if extra thick plus £50)

3.    Long hair (post armpit length) to waist length hair £450 (if extra thick plus £50, and/or if extra long below waist plus £50)