Relaxing and Anti-Ageing Facials at The Beauty Room, Collections Hair Club Salon in Weybridge 

Are you looking for the best facial treatments in Weybridge? We have a number of luxurious facials which can be tailor-made to your skin’s requirements at The Beauty Room. Our experienced team at our beauty salon in Weybridge includes the uniquely qualifed Thai Therapist Pim

We highly recommend our Radiant Facials which are designed to exfoliate, deep cleanse and nourish your skin so you come away from us with a healthy glow and beautifully hydrated skin.



Radiant Facial

Using a massage technique (tapotement) will make your face tighter and clear. This treatment stimulates the blood circulation and exercises the facial muscles – it helps relaxation and the distribution of oxygen to the bodies’ cells. It also encourages the skin to lift, becoming stronger and the face more radiant.

Non-Surgical Face Lift

If you are looking to hold back the tides of time, try a Non-Surgical Face Lift which stimulates the natural collagen in your face, leaving you with younger-looking, brighter skin.

60 minutes      £55.00
90 Minutes      £70.00
Book a course of 10 treatments for: 60 minutes – £500 or 90 Minutes – £625

Traditional Thai Facial Treatments – Tuesdays & Thursdays Only

The Traditional Thai Facial uses the application of a Thai herbal compress to provide an ultimate healing and nourishing skin therapy. This unique facial is designed for all skin types, including sensitive skin.